Social Media and the Church

imagesSocial media often gets a bad rap. It is quickly dismissed by those who don’t know how to use it, those who think it’s only for “those youngsters,” and/or those who fear what they might find on it.

The voices of those who oppose it’s use are usually louder than those who praise it’s use. That’s why I’m here– to show you the immense benefit of using social media in and for the church.

Meredith Gould writes in her book The Social Media Gospel:

“In the world of church, quality social media content informs, educates, and inspires action that’s Christ-centered and anchored in Gospel values.”

If a church correctly uses social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it can be a great medium to share news, testimonies, and prayer requests.

So that is a little snippet of the benefits of the church using social media, but WHY would a church want to use social media?

I’m so glad you asked!
Ed Stetzer, in his blog post “Why You Should be on Social Media” claims that social media is the new town square– a place that people gather to share and hear information about anything from current events to the Gospel. He asserts this because of the astonishing fact that about three-fourths of online adults are on some form of social networking (p. 1).

But the thing that most got my attention from his blog post was this statement:

“If churches truly want to see the Gospel impact and influence a community, they should go to the place where the most significant conversation is actually taking place right now. Today, that’s on social media.” (2).

How eye-opening is that? We are so quick to think of social media as “worldly” and think that we should avoid it as a church, but in thinking that, we could not be further from the truth. Social media is the place where the most people interact, so we, as the church should be ALL OVER that! We should use that in any way we can to try and reach those people! 3059718-poster-p-1-heres-how-to-use-social-media-at-each-stage-of-your-career

Consider the two things we have looked at:

  1. Social media is a tool to spread information: news about events, testimonies, general information about the church.
  2. Three-fourths of the adult world who has access to the internet is on social media of some sort. 

Okay now look back up at those. Read over them a few times. Think about it.

What reason could the church possibly come up with to NOT make use of this tool that God has given us? It literally makes no sense to overlook this opportunity and dismiss it as irrelevant.

Romans 14:12 says, “So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.”

I, personally believe that one aspect of this account will be what we did with the tools He gave us. He might ask us:

What did you do with your money?

     What did you do with your time?

     What did you do with your energy?

     What did you do with the Internet?

Wait, that was a tool you gave me God? I didn’t know! I thought that was bad and a                    tool of the devil! How could it have possibly been a gift from you?!

So now, consider yourself informed. We will be held accountable for every single thing the Lord has given us. Our churches will be accountable for the tools He has given them.

What will we have to show for it when we stand before Him one day?

Read on.

~ CB


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