I Know I’m Forgetting Something

Isn’t that exactly what we all say as soon as we finish packing?

Well jokes on you because yes I leave tomorrow, but no I am nowhere near done packing…..

I mean, it happens to the best of us right?

The day before you are supposed to leave arrives and you realize hmm maybe I should pack for this trip that I leave for TOMORROW.

So as of 9am today, this is what my suitcase looked like.

And yes, that is an actual picture of my actual suitcase and it is actually empty.

(Also seen is my carry-on which is also empty…surprise surprise)

But that’s okay! (Insert nervous laugh here)

After work today I’m going to raid the travel section at good ole Wal-Mart to get everything I need [and probably a few things I don’t need (oops)].

Fun fact about me: I hardly ever fly when I travel places. My family are big drivers so pretty much anywhere we go, we drive.

So I’m not used to having limitations on what I can and can’t put in certain bags…

Checking the liquid ounces of my toiletries is not usually in my packing routine…

And what do you mean when you say that I can’t have a whole separate tote just for my extra shoes?

Also… word on the street is that it’s still winter in Seattle or something like that. So I actually have to pack those bulky jackets that I have worn all of two times here in Texas.

Since that picture was taken I have laid our sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, raincoats, and a bunch of other clothes.

Will they all fit in my suitcase??

Good question.

We shall see…

Read on.

~ CB


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