Leaving in One Day!


I have been given an INCREDIBLE opportunity!

I will be spending spring break (next week) in Seattle, Washington with a team from my college group at church!

Seattle Night Panoramic

We will be helping out with two church plants that our church has partnered with, doing outreach at colleges, and serving in other varioius capacities.

Y’all. I can’t wait. I am so excited. 

I am praying that while I am in Seattle I would have a chance to share the gospel one on one with at least one person. 

I know that seems like a fairly small goal, but I would rather have ONE meaningful conversation than a thousand surfacey, shallow conversations that have no impact on anyone’s life. 

So if you think about it this week, pray that the Lord would give me that opportunity. I know that there is at least one person in Seattle that the Lord has ordained for me to have a divine appointment with. 

STAY TUNED because I’m going to be posting updates about my trip daily! I can’t wait to share what the Lord does this coming week! 

I’m so looking forward to telling all of y’all what happens, from the laughs our team has to the best places to eat in Seattle to how God chooses to use us in the lives of those people.

Over the past week leading up to this trip, I have really been meditating on one word.


That one single word has been impressed on my heart so heavily. I have just been thinking about what that word means and what it demands of the believer.

We are called to serve.

Serve the Lord. 

Serve the church. 

Serve others. 

Our service should not be conditional. It should not depend on the degree to which the recipient deserves it. 

In fact, we should serve those the most who least deserve our service. 

Because isn’t that what our Lord did when He cleansed the outcasted lepers? Washed the disciples feet? Fed hungry crowds?


I pray that the Lord would give me chances to put what He has been teaching me about that word into action this week.

As you go about your day, think about that word, and ask the Lord for opportuinites to serve others in your every day life.

“SERVE the Lord with gladness…!” Psalm 100:2

And stay tuned to follow me on my journey to Seattle this week!

Read on. 

~ CB


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