Up, Up and Away

I am currently going 490 miles per hour 32,000 feet above the ground.


Talk about a view!! Except I have an aisle seat and my current view is the door to the bathroom… (I got the lady by the window to take this picture)

But no matter, we are currently en route to Seattle! Woohoo! I am so SO excited!

So here’s a little glimpse of my day so far:

  1. 6:00- Alarm clock goes off (for the first time)
  2. 6:09- Alarm clock goes off (for the second time…I’m a snooze-pressed big time)
  3. Somewhere around 6:25- I finally drag myself out of the bed (first major accomplishment of the day)
  4. 6:30-7:20- I showered, got completely ready, and finished packing up some final things
  5. 7:30- My sweet friends who so graciously took me to the airport arrived and we headed out!
  6. 8:20- I met the whole crew at the airport and we were off to check our bags and go through security!

It’s been 2-3 years since I’ve flown so I’m a little rusty on how this all works.

I’m glad that I’m with a group of frequent fliers so they can do things like help me peel the back off of that long sticker thing you have to put on your checked bag…

We went through security fairly seamlessly except for my water bottle… I completely forgot that just because you can have a water bottle on the plane doesn’t mean you can take one through security…oops again. (I don’t fly very much give me a break!)

And then when we got to the gate, of course I was the one who had a temporary boarding pass that said “unable to assign seat.”

(Does the C in CB stand for complicated? Maybe.)

All is well now! Check out the overview of our route:

We’ll be back on the ground in about four hours!

(I may or may not have thought it was only a two hour flight because I neglected to consider the time change… but that’s okay! More time to nap!…I mean read my book for my book report…((but really I mean nap))

Keep us in your prayers as we travel and SERVE this week! I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do!

Read on.

~ CB


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