Day One Done

Gonna sleep GOOD tonight…

This morning I woke up in Fort Worth, Texas, and I am going to sleep two hours ahead of myself (actually three with the time change) in Seattle, Washington.

Let me just tell you, this Southern girl feels like she is in a different country up here in the north!

It’s cold and rainy but so beautiful in its own way. I mean, check out the view from our hotel room window!

Skyline of Bellevue, Washington

I will admit that I got pretty excited when the sun came out for .74 seconds earlier today. This girl lives off of sunshine so this whole cloudy thing is new to me.
We have been having such a great time though.

Our team has already bonded and had countless laughs.

When we landed we had to wait a bit for our rental car so we played an old fashioned game of ninja (throwback to junior high) and made silly videos: 

Once we got our rental cars we went to Pikes Place which is an iconic market in downtown Seattle.

It was CRAZY! There were so many people and so much raw fish and so many shops and so many places to eat.

Hello sensory overload!

So, of course, we Texans got barbecue for lunch because why not?! Seattle, I was a little skeptical at first, but your barbecue did not disappoint!

We then did a little walking around exploring the market. We happened upon the most yummy, cute gelato shop. I couldn’t pronounce the name of the flavor I got, but it was A-MAZ-ING.

After we had explored the market for a bit, we piled back into the rental cars and came to check in at the hotel.

We were hungry (yet again, surprise surprise), so we walked next door to none other than good ole Chick-Fil-A.

Probably my FAVORITE quotes of the day was from Erica. She got really excited when we said we were going to Chick and said:

“We can close Chick-Fil-A down! Gimme those nugs!” 

(aka nuggets…she ended up not even getting nuggets. Imagine my disappointment. She got a chicken sandwich instead because apparently it’s like a “giant nugget”)

So we tore up some Chick and then we headed back to the hotel to hang out.

We played a card/strategy game called Mafia. As implied by the name, it was pretty intense.

Erica’s game face

Cole’s disappointed we didn’t take his advice face

After many (very heated) rounds of Mafia, we came to a mutual consensus to wrap up a long day and turn in for the night.

Currently laying in bed writing this with very heavy eyes. Can literally hardly keep them open…

Praise the Lord for safe travels, fun times, and a great group!

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds….

Read on.

~ CB


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