Day Four, There’s More

Get ready for Easter folks!!

Well, that’s what WE did today!

Actually, that’s only a small part of what we did today so let me start at the beginning first.

This morning, we woke up and went to the house of another church planter that we’ve gotten connected with.

This guy, Dave, is the pastor of the church plant called Roots Community Church in Seattle.

So Dave went out and bought jugs of Starbucks coffee, had little cards for the church printed, and sent us out with those supplies to heavily used bus stops.

One part of our group went with Dave and the other went with the music leader of Roots.

We set up our little coffee stand at the bus stops and offered people free Starbucks coffee. 

Some people got really excited for free coffee and others just shook their heads “no” and kept walking.

But, overall, this endeavor was really successful! We got to pass out a lot of cards with Root’s church information on it, and we pray that lots of seeds were planted! 

After that, (and after lunch) we went to the community center where Roots meets for church on Sunday.

The community center needed help filling Easter eggs for a big Easter egg hunt they are having soon and we were just the crew for the job!!

We had a lot of fun as a team while we did this.

We laughed, joked, and dared each other to eat candy we found left over in the eggs from last year.

(No one did it, thank the Lord.)

After we had a lot of the Easter eggs stuffed, we went back over to Bellevue College.

We met back up with Brock, the associate pastor of Essential to get our “assignment.”

Essential Church wanted to, through an on-campus organization, survey students just to see their responses to general questions about the school and their lives.

So we paired up and walked the campus, asking students if they would tell us their favorite thing about Bellevue College (BC), what they think BC is missing, what stresses them out the most, and more.

It was so neat because students were so willing to do our survey! 

We all had a really enjoyable time doing that and got a lot of good information for Essential Church to use as they seek to serve the campus through groups like Chi Alpha.

Later that evening, we went over to Brock’s house for Bible study and just reflection on the trip and different aspects of life.

It is crazy how close our group has gotten just in these past few days.

I guess that’s what happens when you spend every waking moment of the day with people!

I will never forget this trip, and I know the friendships from it will last a long time.

And the trip is only halfway over!! Can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us in Seattle!

To see what else transpires…

Read on.

~ CB


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