Day Five and Still Alive

By the end of the day we were covered in mud and in Chuck-E-Cheese….what a day.

At the start of the day, we met Brock at a coffee shop again for a morning devotion and to get our “assignments” for the day!

Today was SO. NEAT.

Because Brock is friends with one of the professors of international classes at Bellevue College, we got to go to two classes and talk to international students to help them practice their English. 

One class was a pronunciation class to help the students with intonation, tone, and more.

The other was a class more about culture and the college experience as a whole.

In both classes we literally just got to sit and have conversation with these students.

It was so neat to hear their stories–everything from what they miss most about their culture to what career they want to go into to how many siblings they have.

They were some of the nicest, most engaging people we’ve talked to since we’ve been here!

Sometimes it would be a little hard to understand certain words they said, but overall it was a very cool experience.

I am learning more and more to appreciate cultures that are different than my own. 

After visiting those classes and going to eat lunch, Brock told us that he had some work lined up for us.

This work involved a lot of mud, gloves, and axes. 

We went to an older woman’s house and did some yard work for her– the main thing she wanted was for some trees in her yard to be cut down and for the flower beds to be cleaned out.

And we were the crew for the job!!

Now you see it…

Now you don’t.

ALSO, yours truly, CB, learned how to swing an ax like a boss!

(Just ignore that second swing where I hit the ground…..oops….)


However, we had not exactly planned to do yard work that day sooooo we weren’t exactly dressed for the job.

We ended up quite muddy by the time we were done (it has been raining all week).

Our shoes were filthy and we had mud on our jeans and shirts.


We had already decided that we were going to go on a special outing that afternoon….

Where did we want to go you may ask…


So we all piled up in the Suburban (also known as The Beast) and headed on over to see Chuck.

We walked in, ordered pizzas, ate, and then noticed a very exciting sign on the wall. It read:


We were SO excited. This meant that we could pay $15 and play as many games as we wanted to for an hour.

It was literally perfect.

The guys got the jackpot on so many games, and my arms are sore from playing the basketball game so much (yes, I beat you Trevor no matter what you say).

We were like kids again running around, trying to play as many games as we could in an hour to get the most out of our fifteen bucks.

Check out the excitement:

When we counted our tickets up at the end, they equaled 3,364!

That’s Chuck-E-Cheese done right!

Of course, none of the prizes were very appealing to us, so we gave our ticket cards to a little kid who was having his birthday party there.

We’re just serving others no matter where we are!! (😜)

After Chuck-E-Cheese (where a kid can be a kid, or where college kids can be kids), we got ice cream at Coldstone and headed back to the hotel.

We were all quite ready for hot showers and our beds, so we parted ways pretty quickly (after a couple rounds of our game, Mafia of course) and headed to bed.

It was a fun-filled day, and we all went to bed with full hearts at how we were able to serve the Lord and have fun.

Only two more days left here in Seattle/Bellevue!

You don’t want to miss hearing about our adventures so….

Read on.

~ CB


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