Day Seven, Experiencing Heaven

We expected 15-20 people. God sent almost 80. 

Our last day here in Seattle could not have been any better.

We got up and as usual, headed to meet Brock at the coffee shop for our morning devotion time.

After that, we discussed what we would be doing.

He told us to go to the store and get supplies to make posters to hold up for our worship night.

(Here’s a sneak peek of the finished product!)

We had been preparing for this worship night all week. One day we spent a few hours just walking around passing out fliers.

Another day, we did surveys and tried to give a fliers to everyone we surveyed.

So we went to the store, got the supplies, and made the posters.

We then went to the room we were going to be having the worship night in to help set up.

We did a few things, pretty much just whatever needed to be done– from putting out chairs, to setting up curtains, to eating donuts….(oops, they were green donuts for St. Patrick’s Day so we couldn’t resist).

Once we had finished helping with set-up, we pretty much just sat around until the time came for us to take our posters and go stand around campus to direct people in the right direction.

So around 5:30 we took our posts, asking people if they were looking for the worship night and pointing them in the right direction.

Now to understand how AWESOME this night was, you’ve got to understand what we were expecting.

We were expecting 15-20 people to show up. 

We would have been totally happy with that.

But y’all.

Or really I should say, but GOD. 

As we were standing with the poster directing people, I couldn’t help but notice that a LOT of people were headed in that direction.

I thought, hmm this seems like more than 20 people…

And when I walked back to that room from my poster-holding-post, there was hardly room for me to get in the door. 

It was incredible!!

That whole room was full of people standing with raised hands and hearts worshiping our amazing God.

In a city that is around 3% Christian, it is UNHEARD of to have 80 people show up for a first-time worship night on a secular college campus. 

We were completely blown away.

As the band sang “Miracles,” Cole, our intern, leaned over to me and said: “This right here is a miracle” (motioning to the room full of people).

We sang, and clapped, and praised. And after that we split up into groups and prayed.

For each other. 

For the city.

For the college.

It was incredible to see complete strangers come together with one heart to worship and pray to our great God.

We left with hearts so full because of how God blew our expectations out of the water.

Sometimes I feel like He is looking down on us just laughing because of how little we expect of Him.

We limit Him to what seems reasonable, and we don’t shoot high because we don’t want to set ourselves up for disappointment.

But God is not bound to what is reasonable.

One of my biggest takeaways from tonight was that we should EXPECT God to EXCEED our expectations. 

I mean He clearly can! We saw that first hand tonight!

Expect more from God. We shouldn’t put the same limitations on Him that we put on ourselves because He is LIMITLESS. 

I’m so thankful that He showed that aspect of who He is so clearly to us tonight.

Tomorrow we head home! Keep watching for one more post summing up the whole trip.

Read on.

~ CB


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