Day Six Pickin’ Up Sticks

Sunny day and yard work? Feels like a summer Saturday back home in Louisiana!

When we woke up this morning the SUN WAS OUT for the first time this whole week.

It was so refreshing to see it.

You don’t realize how much you rely on the sun for your mood and telling time until it’s gone.

As Erica said, it has basically felt like about 5:00 in the afternoon the whole time we’ve been here because he sun hasn’t come out once.

But TODAY, we finally had a day where it felt like an actual day because the sun was up when we woke up!

We headed out to go meet with Dave, the church planter of Roots Community Church.

We passed out coffee at bus stops again and got to interact with a lot of people and really get Roots’ name out there in the community.

After passing out coffee, we went to a burger place with Dave.

Check it out:

If we’re being totally honest, the presentation looked better than the burger tasted.

I mean, it was a good burger but definitely not the best.

(Shoutout to Twisted Root Burger Co. which is ACTUALLY the best.)

((Sorry for dogging your burger place if you’re reading this Dave…))

But anyway, lunch was yummy, and after lunch we headed to do some yard work!!

We actually loved yard work.

It was fun to work together and really see the yards look a lot better when we left than when we got there.

PLUS it was a beautiful day! So we definitely didn’t mind being outside soaking up some much needed Vitamim D.

Here’s a couple shots of our yard work experience:

Erica and I pruned this bush with dull hedge clippers one leaf at a time basically. But it looked great by the time we were finished!!

(In case you were wondering, yes, I did exercise my professional wood-chopping-with-an-ax skills, but we didn’t get any video documentation this time…)

We were working with very limited space in which to put the sticks we picked up, leaves we had raked, and bush clippings we had gathered. So we had to maximize space in the trash bin….

Check out the ingenuity behind how we did that:


So after we did all three yards, we headed to XXX Root Beer (said as- Triple X Root Beer) for supper.

It’s pretty much a burger place so I got chicken strips instead since I had a burger for lunch.

It was a very iconic looking place with VERY good root beer that they brew themselves!!

After that, we headed back to the hotel for what? You guessed it.

More games of mafia. It was great of course.

Tomorrow will be our last day here in Seattle/Bellevue. 

It will definitely be very bittersweet to leave this place. There are so many memories here and I will miss it even though the other part of me is ready to get back home to my routine.

So as I go to bed tonight with very heavy eyes, I look forward to making the most of our last day tomorrow.

To see how the whole trip ends…

Read on.

~ CB


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