Concept in 60 Draft

Here is the draft video of my Concept in 60.

When you click the link to view the video, my meta-narrative is in the description of the video.

A couple things to note:

I got all of my videos from a website that offers free, downloadable videos. The website specifically says that credit does not have to be given to use these videos. I downloaded the song via YouTube to Mp3 which I cited and credited in the credits. (Let me know if there’s something else I need to do to give credit for the song because I definitely don’t want YouTube to strip my audio.)

You will notice that I used the tweets of some of you in here. That all goes along with my theme which is basically Dr. Queen’s quote that: “If you know enough of the gospel to have been saved by it, then you know enough of the gospel to share it.” In addition to that, my video and meta-narrative address the fact that the gospel is often over-complicated, and social media can be a way to rectify this.

I am aware that the tweets aren’t really timed long enough for you to be able to read each of them completely. However, the actual CONTENT of the tweets isn’t necessarilly my point. My point is more that those watching the video just recognize it as, oh okay this is the gospel and oh okay, twitter/social media, gotcha. The point is that Twitter is being used to share the gospel message in a simplified manner. If y’all think that not being able to read the tweets is a huge problem, I can see what I can do about it, but I really want them to be just kind of boom, boom, boom to the beat of the music.

So with that all being said, here’s the link to my video:


12 thoughts on “Concept in 60 Draft

  1. Such a good video! When it finished it felt like 30 seconds to me then to all of a sudden be surprised to see 1:02. Definitely kept me engaged. Great way to use multiple photos as well as class tweets. Love the concept of share the power of the Gospel with simplicity on social media. I am curious if moving the final two sayings before the class tweets would emphasize the simplicity of sharing the gospel and even how to do that. Great job!


  2. Brother, I want to say that I loved the video and the way it demonstrates how the gospel can be shared through the media especially by tweeting. You justice hit the nail on the head.


  3. Kept me captivated, I was pleased with this video and loved the conviction it gives when you say if you know enough about the gospel to be saved, then you know enough to share. Powerful stuff great job.


  4. Nicely done! I don’t know that it’s a problem to not be able to read them completely… the only thing I noticed is that you might want to make the slide before the credits slightly longer, if you can.


  5. Fantastic video and concept! Really visually pleasing and your concept was clear. The only thing I would change is possibly speeding up the slides where the text is being typed, which would give you a couple more seconds to make either the tweets longer or your credit slide longer. Other than that it was great, smooth, and understandable. Fanstasfic job overall!


  6. I thought this was great! I really love the idea and the video was fantastic! You could probably speed up the pictures a little bit.


  7. Hahaha I love my Twitter handle! This concept was very clear and well produced. I really have no major critiques to offer outside of just subjective tastes about fonts. All in all, fantastic job!


  8. They way you’ve put videos together is amazing! Looks very professional! Words were also not distracting which is a huge plus!


  9. Very good video! I loved the message that you are portraying. The only thing is that I didn’t exactly have a lot of time to read all of the tweets. But that makes sense given the time restraint.


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