The Simplified Gospel – Concept in 60

~The Simplified Gospel~
     So often, Christians over-complicate the gospel, making it hard to understand for someone who has never been exposed to it before. It is apparent all around us that people are searching, so it is up to us, as Christ-followers, to be able to put the gospel in a way that people can understand.

     Social media can be a great tool to do this if we make use of it. I have included in this video a few tweets that myself and my classmates were asked to make. Each tweet sums up the gospel in 140 characters or less.

The gospel is simple, easy, and available.        

May we never lose sight of this.


Concept in 60 Draft

Here is the draft video of my Concept in 60.

When you click the link to view the video, my meta-narrative is in the description of the video.

A couple things to note:

I got all of my videos from a website that offers free, downloadable videos. The website specifically says that credit does not have to be given to use these videos. I downloaded the song via YouTube to Mp3 which I cited and credited in the credits. (Let me know if there’s something else I need to do to give credit for the song because I definitely don’t want YouTube to strip my audio.)

You will notice that I used the tweets of some of you in here. That all goes along with my theme which is basically Dr. Queen’s quote that: “If you know enough of the gospel to have been saved by it, then you know enough of the gospel to share it.” In addition to that, my video and meta-narrative address the fact that the gospel is often over-complicated, and social media can be a way to rectify this.

I am aware that the tweets aren’t really timed long enough for you to be able to read each of them completely. However, the actual CONTENT of the tweets isn’t necessarilly my point. My point is more that those watching the video just recognize it as, oh okay this is the gospel and oh okay, twitter/social media, gotcha. The point is that Twitter is being used to share the gospel message in a simplified manner. If y’all think that not being able to read the tweets is a huge problem, I can see what I can do about it, but I really want them to be just kind of boom, boom, boom to the beat of the music.

So with that all being said, here’s the link to my video:

More to Media

There’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

Media can be used for so many more things than we give it credit for, and it opens up doors for us that would be locked tight without it. 

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Taking, Making, and Faking: A Bioethics Issue

It’s the things you never think about.

You think they affect people far removed from you in a hospital five states away, but a day might come when they are closer to home than you would have ever thought.

What are these things I’m talking about, you might ask?

Anything that falls under the umbrella of bioethical issues.

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The Academia of Yesterday and Today

Fred Sanders begins his chapter in The New Media Frontier with a very bold claim.

“Academics need new media.” (161)

To me, that is a very broad, generalized statement.

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Evaluation Heuristic

A heursitic for the evaluation of the Concept in 60 assignment:

  • The video should be narrow enough to communicate a clear thesis of the chosen topic.
  • The video should be visually appealing, as technologically seamless as possible.
  • The video should be the appropriate length (60 seconds, duh)
  • The video should focus on some aspect of new media.
  • The metanarrative of the video should further explain the thesis of the video.
  • The metanarrative should be around 300 words or about a paragraph.
  • The student’s metanarrative should be either in the form of a blog post or in the video description on YouTube.

These criteria (and others that other students may suggest) should function as the heuristic for evaluation of our final project, Concept in 60.

Social Media and the Rhetorical Situation

This project was a broad project focused on surveying three prolific users of social media with the intent of researching the persona they construct within their rhetorical situation.

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Eat on the Run: Why I Blog

I want my blog to be a salad bar. 

A place of nourishment. A place where everything is fresh. A place of variety. A place where you can be fed quickly.

I don’t want my blog to be a fast-food drive-thru. 

A place that is convenient but provides only temporary, non-nutritious filling. A place that is easy but doesn’t sustain you. 

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We All Know THAT Person – Don’t be THAT Person

I guarantee you know them.

That person who is always the first to chime in on the latest conflict on social media.

It might be your overly-political stepfather who still has the 2008 presidential election yard signs in his front yard.

It might be that co-worker who spends her whole lunch break commenting on Facebook posts.

It might be the kid in your class who thinks they have it ALL figured out, and makes sure that everyone knows it.

Or, worst of all….

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Addicted Unawares


Take a good look at this picture.

Your first thought might be that one of these things is not like the others. But look again, and keep this picture in your mind as you read this post. Continue reading