The Academia of Yesterday and Today

Fred Sanders begins his chapter in The New Media Frontier with a very bold claim.

“Academics need new media.” (161)

To me, that is a very broad, generalized statement.

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Social Media and the Rhetorical Situation

This project was a broad project focused on surveying three prolific users of social media with the intent of researching the persona they construct within their rhetorical situation.

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Addicted Unawares


Take a good look at this picture.

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Social Media Wheels: What It’s About

A page for my researched musings.

Currently, I am working on a project surveying Social Media and the Christian Life. This page is dedicated to my thoughts on various aspects of the multi-faceted world of social media, and how Christ-followers should handle said world.

Each post will be a reflection of a chapter in one of two books:

The New Media Frontier edited by John Mark Reynolds and Roger Overton

The Social Media Gospel by Meredith Gould

These posts will be informatory advice as to how those who are in Christ can use social media to better serve their Savior, the church, and other Christ-followers. I hope to explore the question: How can those who are in Christ take steps to reclaim a realm that is ravaged by sin and the effects thereof?

So I hope that the wheels in your brain turn as we go on this journey together to explore the world of social media. Feel free to comment, and read on.

~ CB